Monday, December 31, 2007

Bombay - Passing Through the Fire of Baptism

I trudged my way into the airport after i disembarked from the Domestic Poor Man Fare Deccan Airways which was excruciating to say the least but to tell you the truth, they kinda made up for the discomfort with their lovely hospitality.

I had an indifferent opinion about Bombay before I left but my feeling towards it was slowly being tilted towards apprehension on account of certain remarks by my Uncle and Aunt here - "People come to Bombay, can't handle the travails of the city and run back home to their family with their tails between their legs", "You will get so overwhelmed by the enormity of the place that it would make you reconsider your decision to come here". Either Bombay was that scary or this was some kinda stress interview I have to pass in order for them to take me into their home. I guess I passed cos I'm staying with them at the moment.

Yes, Bombay is huge but not unimaginably large. The city is longitudinally structured and it requires simple logic to understand the topography of the place. I will need some time to decipher the names but I am definitely not overwhelmed by the size. The place where I stay is in the middle of the city, overlooking a lake and surrounded by hillocks yonder and concrete jungles closer. Dust and betel cud rule the place, both a product of an ever-increasing real-estate development surge in the area, the latter coming from the construction workers. Land prices are exorbitant and the developers are as greedy as can get with no concern for the environment and the people residing in these townships. I might as well enjoy the view of the lake while it lasts. It will be only a few months before a new building comes up there and disrupts the view.

2 days stay in Bombay and I got the feeling that the city has welcomed me with open arms and has truly accepted me as a guest by splashing in the hospitality. I say this cos on the 2nd day of my stay, I saw Deepika Padukone, the diva of Bollywood, the dreamy girl for every normal guy, the reason for me swimming in a pool of slobber that evening, the reason why I tried to walk through the glass separating me from the divine damsel. She was wearing a normal white round-neck T-shirt and a blue jeans and she looked ravishing. I called her name in hopes that she would turn around and look at me and I would make like SRK and fall down jus cos of her gaze. But I was in for a reality-check, 200 hundred other guys called out her name after that with the same stupid hope I'm sure but she din't behave like a Bollywood Actress who pooh-poohs her fans, au contraire she stood and signed autographs and I was in the first floor just watching her wishing it was me she was writing out her autograph to. Anyway beggars can't be choosers. But I came out with some stupid hare-brained theories bout destiny and fate and all that jazz. I felt that I came to Bombay jus so that I could see her, or she was born on this earth for me to have seen her and other crappy stuff :)

On the whole I guess this blog is an ode to DP and the fact that I came to Bombay with certain other thoughts in mind but at the end of the day, I passed through the Beauty of Baptism and kept away from the Fire. Happy New Year :)