Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bishop + God = 1 Good Golf Joke

I came across this joke yesterday. Thought I'd share with everyone...

There was this Bishop who was not true to his position. He was a mean guy who always harrassed the nuns. So one day, the nuns pleaded to God to punish the Bishop for all his misdeeds. God said He'll try to do something about this.

The next day, the Bishop went for a round of Golf on the course. He happened to be the only person there at that time. On the first hole, he hit the ball hard and the ball swung off course but miraculously, the ball ricocheted off several rocks and trees and leapt out of bunkers and to his amazement rolled onto the green for a Hole in One.

The nuns were aghast at God's action after listening to their request and they confronted Him asking how He could allow the Bishop get a Hole in One. God simply replied, "Yes, he got a Hole in One but there was no one to watch it. I don't think he can endure any more pain."

:) Till next time with a horrible joke, this is Vishnu, signing out...


vidyuth said...

yebba.. soor mokkai pa.. suits you to a tee though ;)

Akshay said...

@vidyuth : Your mokkai rivals that of Vishnu's :D

PS: I know I am really late in commenting, but this is my first visit.

vidyuth said...


Anonymous said...

too... many... corny... jokes!

It was preety funny tho, Vishnu Anna.